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Mastiful Bags & Toilet Pouches by Jugaad

Jugaad Bags: The Best Out Of The Worst

Calling out to all the ladies and gentlemen out there, if you are someone who loves funky items and goes with the fun and funky trends, then you must have already heard about the very famous Jugaad bags! Yes, Bindass has brought to you a fantastic design, called the jugaad design, which is fun and colourful, and it is just the perfect item for fun-loving people! The vibe of these jugaad bags is so unique and so playful that it will make you relive those fun childhood days of yours! Each design is just so unique and different. These are the funky pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe. These bags are highly spacious and beautiful, and you carry them with any outfit! They bring out the fun element in everything. Your outfit instantly looks more fun with the perfect jugaad bag or jugaad shoulder bag. 

Now, you might be wondering where to get the best masterful jugaad bags online, right? None other than the best platform, iTokri! You can get the best jugaad bags and add a masterful vibe to your whole wardrobe! These jugaad bags are one of those pieces which all should own! These immediately catches and attracts one’s eyes because of their joyful colour combinations and unique designs. So, this season be memorable with these fantastic jugaad bags and add a masterful touch to your dressing sense!

Get The Best Jugaad Bags From iTokri.

You can buy jugaad bags online from iTokri, India’s number one shopping destination for handicrafts and handmade products. The beautiful and funky jugaad bags look amazing with jeans and tops, sweatshirts, hoodies and oversized dresses. It makes you look instantly more jolly. In this season, where everyone is trying to be all classy and aesthetic, you can be fun and unique! This trend of jugaad bags is again not something that will make you feel uncomfortable or anxious. On the contrary, you can be fun and memorable with these jugaad bags. It is made so that it will depict the youthfulness and fun side of one’s personality. After all, none of us can deny that an outfit and styling bring out the uniqueness in one. 

Apart from these funky jugaad bags, we also have many other items in our collection, including classic spectacle casescushion coversshoulder bagsmobile pouches, and many more!

Why Choose iTokri?

There are many reasons to choose iTokri—the first being that we never compromise on the quality. You get the best from our side in terms of quality and design. We have taken an oath to serve our customers in the best way possible. So, with iTokri, you can rest assured. 


Some of the frequently asked questions are: 

1. What is jugaad material?

Jugaad’ is a unique word in Hindi that roughly translated means ‘making the most out of whatever little may be available to you. So the mantra of Jugaad is implemented here, and the bags are made out of rags, cloth cuttings, discarded CDs, jute bags and a lot more other reusable pieces of stuff. 

2. Are these jugaad bags sustainable?

Yes, they are sustainable.