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Ikat Face Covers

How To Elevate The Style Statement With Ikat Face Mask  

Ikat masks are beautiful to wear, and it suits all kinds of fabric you choose to wear. It is soft since the cotton fabric is imprinted and breathable. Ikat is an exquisite printing technique in which the contour does not pertain to the texture of a complete material, nor is it naturally printed into the surface. But portions of the cords for the warp are maintained with a resist dying and then coloured with several hues. The coloured dye then stains the cloth fabric around except for the binding. After dyeing, the bindings are discarded, and the structure occurs uncoloured on the fabric surface. When dyeing is comprehensive, the yarn is then sewed into cloth, always in a relatively easy pattern and often in a density that brings out the warp. Ikat is constantly employed in two pigments: the wool's hue and the dye's pigment. Still, various patterns give rise to numerous colours, making the procedure much more complicated because you desire to attach and stain. You can look for an Ikkat mask online at an attractive and affordable price.

Fashion Statement With Ikat Face Mask

The ikat cloth face masks are better endurable because they are naturally made, reusable and the fabric used is handcrafted, which can also be upcycled. The ikat face masks are one of the ranges of covers where comfortability is at maximum. The ikat masks are not only breathable but also protective. There are two layers of fabrics woven together. The outer layer is ikat print, and the inner material is made of cotton fabric that is very comfortable and easy to carry. So always prefer a two-ply mask that provides more protection against infections.

The ikat masks you prefer for your favourite outfit are lightweight and soft to use. The face mask you are wearing must be sealed around your chin and nose without adjusting frequently. The ikat face masks are foldable and wrinkle-free. The double knit fabrics enhance the protection against tiny particles. You can look for ikkat face masks online and choose the colour matching your outfit. Some ikat face masks also come with pockets to insert a filter to protect against viruses. The double masks can also be worn with one ikat mask and other surgical masks. Both should be well fitted and have no side gaps to be safe. The cotton ikat face mask should be properly sanitised after every use and dried well. Since they come in numerous colours and shades, you can style all your dresses with ikat face masks and be fashionable all the time. Opt for lovely prints to match your outfit and also your personality. Check out the ikat cotton masks online to get them delivered to your doorsteps.

Why Shop From iTokri?

At iTokri, you can explore alluring  kalamkari face cover,  face cover with filter pocket, and  plain cotton covers apart from the ikat cotton masks. Also, dont miss the unique  fabrics online collections in India. You can look for the best colour and print to match your outfit and stay protected from outdoor pollution. 


  1. What is an ikat face mask? 

The fabric made by resist dyeing to colour the material used is known as ikat fabric. The face mask is stitched out if the ikat fabric is elegant and suits all the outfits. The ikat print mask adds elegance.

  1. How will ikat print be perfect for face masks?

 The ikat print is perfect for a face mask since the colours imprinted on it match the outfit with a fashion statement.