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    Chanderi Weave: A Delicate Work Of Stunning Intricacy

    Chanderi Weave: A Delicate Work Of Stunning Intricacy

    Chanderi sarees are so delicate that they are only meant to be worn for special occasions. They are a treasure which every bride carries with her.

    A woman weaves the prized Chanderi sari. (Photo courtesy of Madhya Pradesh tourism)

    Chanderi, believed to be mentioned as Chaidnagar in the Puranas, is a historical town in Madhya Pradesh. It is located in the northern part of the Malwa plateau. Some historians consider the 6th century king Ched to be its founder. Mythological references to Chanderi have been traced to the Mahabharata. Shishupal, a local chieftain, challenged the coronation of Yudhisthir and was subsequently beheaded by Krishna. According to a Mahabharata tale, Raja Nala left Damyanti asleep in the forests of Narwar. She then walked through the dense foliage and reached Chaidnagar.

    Chanderi doesn’t only have historical relevance. Its craft weaves a tale of tradition also. The weaving tradition that occupies pride of place in any account of Chanderi today. Its shimmering fabrics have survived through time and changing rulership. There is a mention of Chanderi weaving in the Imperial Gazetteer of India. It reads: “Chanderi has long been famous for the manufacture of delicate muslins.” The cloth is of unusual fineness and delicacy. The colored gold and silk borders are of surpassing beauty.