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    Akola Block Printed Towels

    Akola- A Mythological Village Of India

    Far from the rush and bustle of Udaipur's Lake City, the mythological village of Akola is located on the Khriki Chowki Highway, popularly referred to as the Chippon Ka Akola.  For Dabu Prints and Indigo, this location is a secret treasure. The Chhipa community has been making remarkable fabrics by printing and dying them for a very long time.  The Gujarati word Chapa, which means to print, is where the community's name originated in India. Only a few of the artisans who work in the heart of the community are experts in indigo printing, whereas the majority engage in making Dabu prints.  

    One of the most well-known and beloved Indian textile crafts is called Bagru Dabu. Akola is an undiscovered hamlet that excels in the art of Dabu printing! Dabu from Akola is distinctive because of its elaborate designs and high-end dye. 

    Indigo has always held a special place in people's hearts, from the Indus Valley Civilization to the British Raj. Indigo is more than just colour because of its imperial acceptance; it is an art in and of itself. These families of Aloka are notable for their devotion to and reverence for indigo printing. They give an unconditional commitment to each and every fabric they manufacture by drenching it in organic colours. The fabrics made with indigo here fade less and are stronger.  Additionally, the hand blocks engraved here are unique from others! They have a variety of complex carvings that are extremely exact. In fact, it is difficult to tell that the motifs are hand-printed at first glance! These characteristics make the Akola Indigo unrivalled and priceless.

    Sarees, bedsheets, gowns, handkerchiefs, towels, and many other items includeAkola block printing. And there is a variety of these items on iTokri!

    Get Akola Block Printed Towels Only From iTokri

    A hand towel, although a little and simple item of fabric, has far more functionality than one might expect. Hand towels are that important thing that we all require and use but have somehow overlooked. Regardless of its heroic qualities, there are many areas where this tiny critical item is required and necessary.

    After washing the hands and face, a hand towel is used to dry them off. They are placed in the home specifically for this usage—to use as a hand and face dryer. These  cotton handloom towels  are typically soft and made entirely of pure cotton.

    There is one more usage for hand towels that is slightly less functional and slightly more attractive. Vibrant hand towels are utilised as an accoutrement at many cafes and clubs, and occasionally even in our own homes. In order to further enhance its aesthetic appeal, they also include small accents like embroidery.

    A hand towel may be little in size but vast in the effort because it practically has so many purposes and, therefore a must. iTokri has  Akola block printed towels  that can be really helpful for you. 

    We offer high-quality Akola hand block print  pure handloom towels  manufactured with natural dyes utilising the age-old hand block printing technique used in the Rajasthani village of Akola, as well as pure handloom fabrics made in Jhiri. These towels come in a variety of colours and patterns and are produced from premium cotton. You can preserve them for ornamental purposes or use them around the house for everyday use. We have such a great selection of  Akola print towels  that you can also give them as gifts.

    So, now  buy Akola block print towels online  only from iTokri.  

    Why Shop At iTokri?

    You can get a range of  handloom cotton towels  online at iTokri. Other handcrafted products from their luxury assortment are widely available on iTokri. Visit our website to place an order right away! Browse the complete offering of handmade and unique products supplied by the leading handloom company. Orders can now be placed globally, allowing you to send gifts worldwide. Because our website is simple to use, you can enjoy making purchases there without any hassle. We also offer all of our items at the lowest costs like  Cotton Sarees,  Personal Care items,  Rakhi gifts hampers,  brass beads rakhi  and  home decor items

    By purchasing one of our  Akola block towels,  you are not only obtaining a lovely towel for yourself but are also helping hundreds of artists who toil away. Every towel you buy from us is a means for you to support and show gratitude to Indian artists.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Akola block print?

  • Akola is a village located on the Khriki Chowki Highway. It's famous for its block printing like 

     Bagru Dabu and indigo printing which is popularly known as Akola block print.

  • Are Akola block print towels good for gifting?

  • Yes! The block printing of Akola is so beautiful that Akola block print towels will make an ideal gift.

  • Where can I get an Akola print towel online?

  • You can get the best quality Akola print towel only from iTokri. 

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