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Handwoven West Bengal Sarees

Charm Of Handwoven Bengali sarees

The hand-woven Bengali sarees are very traditional and elegant. The Tant sarees are authentic, pure Bengali sarees has woven with cotton fabric and are famous for their soft, lightweight and transparency. Women always need this kind of soft cotton sarees for India's hot and humid climate. The handwoven Bengali sarees have earlier traces in the 15th century in the Santipur district of Bengal. Over the years, all the regions of Bengal developed tant sarees with their signature style. The hand-woven Bengali sarees obtained royalty with jamdani and muslin. Bengali sarees are famous for their fabric and rich pattern. It looks graceful on women of all age groups.

History Of Handwoven Bengali Sarees 

Bengali sarees are elegant and classy to be worn by all women. The Tant sarees are incredibly light in weight and soft. The cotton fabric makes it easily wearable and stylish in the same way.  Garad sarees are a combination of red and white cotton saree, which Bengali women often wear during the grand Durga Puja. They are made in Murshidabad, and in recent times, they also come in various colours. The Bengal sarees online have outstanding collections, and you can choose the best. The Koral saree is a grand version of Garad with red patterns pure and shiny pallu that makes it wearable during the festival seasons. Murshidabad sarees of West Bengal have durable hues, and the beautiful designs embellished on the pallu make it attractive. The sarees have a glossy fabric that has hand-drawn pictures on them. The handwoven Bengali sarees online can be given as a gift to a beautiful girl in your life.

All Indian women cherish Baluchari sarees for the Hindu scriptures, such as Ramayana and Mahabharat. Baluchari sarees woven in West Bengal are an outstanding equivalent of the Banarasi sarees made in  Uttar Pradesh. Kantha sarees are elegantly rendered by doing thread work on a cloth.  The Running stitches are performed in particular embroidery called Kantha. It was initially meant to convert old and abandoned materials like coverlets and old clothing into the more helpful fabric. Tussar is prominent in the Malda district in West Bengal. These are special for their flower-patterned and paisley motifs and a delicate composition that provides a noble look. The sarees come in a span of colors, mainly beige and off-white.

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  1. How many types of Bengali sarees are there? 

 There are various types of Bengali sarees available that you can flaunt with: Koral saree, Garad sarees, Tant sarees, Murshidabad Dhakai Jamdani sarees, Baluchari sarees, Tussar sarees. You can also look for a silk weave saree.

  1. How long is a Bengali saree? 

The sarees Woven in Bengal are of a length of five yards and width of forty-two inches. The tent sarees are 6 meters long as compared to traditional sarees. 

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