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    Unique Wind Chimes for Home Decor: Spruce up your space

    Unique Wind Chimes for Home Decor: Spruce up your space

    Wind chimes personify the beautiful song and dance of the gentle breeze. Their soothing melody work wonders to entice the mind and calm the senses of the home dwellers. 
    It has been an age-old practice to use wind chimes for home decor. This blog will delve deeper into the mystical practice of using romantic beautiful windchimes to elevate the vibration of our living space. 

    Benefits of Hanging Wind Chimes According To Vastu 

    Vastu is the ancient Indian study of architecture and structural design. It is believed that by hanging windchimes in the right place, you can infuse your space with positive energies. Wind chimes have been regarded as potent means to balance out the energies in your space and create a calm, soothing, and inviting atmosphere. Usually, the North, East, and North East directions are preferred while hanging wind chimes, according to Vastu. 

    Where Can You Hang Wind Chimes / Bell Chimes

    Wind Chimes can be hung in any suitable space within your home. For instance: 

    • Balcony

    Wind chimes can be hung on balconies and patios, where they can come in contact with the wind and dissipate their sweet and melodious sound all around. It is ideal to put wind chimes in outdoor sitting spaces as well to create a charming and soothing aura. Just picture yourself sitting on your deck, verandah, or terrace with a good book in hand, coffee on the side, and the sweet sound of musical wind chimes engulfing the air around you. Sounds heavenly, right? Trust us, it feels that way too. 

    • Living Room 

    You can use unique wind chimes to elevate the look and feel of your living room. The beautiful sounds emanating from the wind chimes can add to the positivity in that space and help you feel more relaxed and at peace. While putting wind chimes in the living room, make sure that they are placed strategically in order to aid free movement. Any kind of obstruction in the form of furniture or tapestry can impede the purpose of putting them there in the first place. Furthermore, you can browse through various wind chimes for home decor to pick out something that resonates with the theme of your interior decor.  

    • Puja Room 

    The sound energy, which is activated by wooden or metal wind chimes, can help in thought alignment and concentration while creating negativity from a given space. Owing to this fact, it is a great idea to add wind chimes to your puja room decor as it can heighten the tranquillity and serenity of that space. To harness the power of your wind chimes, ensure that you hang them in a place that gets plenty of natural air. 

    4 Unique wind chimes for Home Decor

    If you are looking for unique wind chimes for your space, you can go through the following options:

    Kutch Copper Coated 3 Bell Ganpati Bappa Chimes

    This is ideal for your puja room or any other sacrosanct space in your home. If you are looking for unique wind chimes for home decor, this should definitely top your list. The three  Kutch copper bells hanging from a divine Ganesha idol will herald an abundance of all positive things in your home. 

    Hazel Symphonies' Hand-Painted Decorative Hanging Bells Wind Chime In Ceramic

    This handcrafted product is a testimony to the ‘soothing sounds’ of the countryside that can endow your home with the perfect ambience. You can use these musical wind chimes in your balcony or living room to enjoy its sweet and tingling tunes all through the day. 

    ‘Rustic Ram' Handmade Terracotta Wind Chime & Decorative Hanging

    If you have an affinity for unique wind chimes, this product is perfect for you. This product has been hand-painted on a Terracotta blend base to give strength. The bell-shaped design will suit any space that you place this in. The happy sight of a colourful and cheerful Ram is bound to make your day. You can hang this indoors or use it as an aesthetically pleasing way to enhance the wall decor of your entryway, study, or living room. 

    Handmade Antique Metal Bell Wind Chime with Leather Strap

    When it comes to choosing wind chimes for home decor, this product will definitely appeal to you. The leather strap and the copper-coated bell are depictive of the Kutch art form known as Ghatwandi. This unique wind chime has a raw and rustic finish, and it will elevate your  home decor  beautifully. 
    Wind chimes and bells add depth to your home with their sweet melodies. Add them along with  wall hangings  in different rooms to improve your home aesthetics. For more such traditional  Indian handicraft  ideas explore through iTokri.

    FAQs on Wind Chimes for Home Decor

    Where should wind chimes be placed in the house?

    Wind chimes can be placed anywhere around the house depending upon the kind of vibe that you're going for. You can hang romantic beautiful wind chimes by the window of your bedroom to rev up the energies in that space with calming sounds. 

    Why do people hang wind chimes inside?

    People can judiciously use wind chimes for home decor. They can be hung in the drawing room, living room, puja room or any other space that needs energy elevation. 

    Can I hang wind chimes in the window?

    Yes. Windows get an abundance of natural air and therefore it is the best place for hanging wind chimes for home decor. 

    How to Hang Wind Chimes?

    Wind chimes can be hung on drilled nails on a pre-decided location that matches the height at which you want to place this accessory. 

    What is the purpose of wind chimes?

    The purpose of wind chimes is to augment the appeal of your living space by dissipating serene sounds all around. 

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